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Flax Farm Premium Bedding FAQ's

What are Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions made of?

Our bedding solutions are made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, including Canola and Hemp.

How do Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions benefit animal health?

Our bedding solutions are dust-free, making them ideal for animals with respiratory and skin disorders. They also provide a clean and comfortable living environment, which can improve animal health and productivity.

How do Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions compare to traditional bedding materials?

Our bedding solutions offer superior absorbency and lower waste compared to traditional materials. They are also an eco-friendly and sustainable option, making them a better choice for farmers who want to reduce their environmental impact.

How do I use Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions?

Our bedding solutions are easy to use. Simply spread the bedding evenly in your animal's living space, ensuring there is enough to absorb moisture and keep the area clean and dry.

Is Prairie Blend cost-effective?

Yes, our bedding solutions are more cost-effective than traditional materials. On average, you'll need 50% less bedding material compared to wood products, which means less waste and lower disposal costs.

How can I order Prairie Blend's bedding solution?

Fill out the contact form on our contact page or to order quantities or to find a dealer closest to you call: +1 (416) 579-7876

(416) 579-7876