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Prairie Blend

Hemp and Canola
Animal Bedding

At FlaxFarm, our eco-friendly, dust-free, and super absorbent blend is more than just premium bedding—it's our commitment to innovative and superior animal care!

The ONLY Premium Animal Bedding You Will Ever Need!

Harvested and crafted in the heart of Manitoba, our proprietary blend of Canadian Hemp and Canola is a sustainable and superior top-tier animal bedding solution. This eco and animal friendly mix has proven benefits for all bedding applications: horse breeders & hobby farms, dairy farms, calving operations, poultry producers, backyard chicken coops and pets, garden mulch, veterinarians, zoos, agri consultants and distributors.

Prairie Blend
Animal Bedding

A game changer in all barns - dust-free safety, highly absorbent, reduced odours, easier to handle and dispose of, therefore more economical.

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Prairie Blend
for Chickens

Revolutionizing poultry care with lightweight, odour-absorbing bedding for healthier hens in backyard and poultry operations.

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Premium Animal Bedding
Prairie Blend

Discover a bedding solution that's dust-free and eco-friendly. Harnessing renewable resources, our bedding not only efficiently absorbs odours but also offers a cost-effective choice for discerning animal caregivers

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Premium Animal Bedding
Prairie Blend for Chickens

A bedding solution that's dust-free, and eco-friendly.
A tailored blend designed for superior odour management, enhanced absorbency, and optimal air quality. Made to last!

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Laboratory Test Results - Bedding Comparison

X Weight
Dust Particles
Per Litre
Large Flair Shavings 2.0 31K Poor Labour Intensive, Poor Absorption
Fine Shavings 2.0 31K Poor Poor Absorption, Dust
Wood Pellets 2.6 24K None Bad Odour
Paper 2.8 12.5K None Messy, Availablity
Straw 2.5 11.5K Poor Mold, Poor Absorption
Flax Farm Prairie Blend 4.0 4.8K Superior None
View The Test Results
*Flax Farm Prairie Blend shows major labour savings compared to shavings.
A positive environmental impact (6.5P.H.) while remaining cost competitive.
A Premium Animal bedding you can count on

Discover the Flax Farm Difference!

Dust Free

Our manufacturing process removes all dust from our proprietary blend. Ideal for horses with COPD and coughs.

Labour Saving

Falls through the fork - No Sifting! Super absorbent and consistency reduces stall cleaning time by 75%.


Virtually eliminates all odour by absorbing 4x more than wood shavings and straw. Workplace friendly.


Less time - save 50% on average. Less volume of product is needed to clean and maintain stalls. Minimal waste resulting in lower disposal cost, if any.


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Mark Anderson
Equine Veterinarian
As a vet, I recommend Flax Farm bedding to all my clients. The dust-free quality makes it excellent for equine respiratory health. It's a must-have for any serious horse owner.
Kelly Williams
Farm Owner, NYC
“I've been in the business for over 20 years and I can confidently say that this animal bedding is the best animal bedding product I have come across by far!”
Rachel Thompson
Small Scale Poultry Farmer
“Switching to Flax Farm's bedding has been a game-changer for my chicken coops. It's incredibly absorbent and keeps odours at bay! I won't be going back to anything else.”
Laura Smith
Dairy Farmer
"Flax Farm's bedding has helped keep my cows more comfortable, which in turn has boosted milk production. It's economical, environmentally friendly, and a breeze to dispose of. A win all round."
Dan Thomas
Farm Owner, CA
"Finally, my chicken house doesn't stink anymore! Switching to Flax Farm's bedding was the best decision. Thank you, Flax Farm, for creating such an amazing product!"
Sarah Collins
“Partnering with Flax Farm has been a pleasure. Their premium product, coupled with their focus on customer service, sets them apart in the industry. My customers are always satisfied.”
Flax Farm Prairie Blend bedding in a person's hand.A woman with a beautiful white horse.
story behind the Bedding

Our Transformation From Passionate Innovators to Industry Leaders

It began with a discovery in our own barn as we experienced the unmatched benefits of this unique bedding. As word spread through our close-knit horse community, our enthusiasm transformed into a mission. Today, as proud managers of our own manufacturing, we don't just sell and distribute — we educate. Serving both the U.S. and Canada, we champion a product that's not only eco-friendly and a nitrogen rich fertilizer after use, but also one we wholeheartedly believe in and use everyday ourselves.

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Let Flax Farm Be
Your Partner in Premium Animal Bedding

At Flax Farm, we have pioneered a new standard in animal care. Our Prairie Blend animal bedding solutions are eco-friendly, dust free, more absorbent, time saving and economical.  

Whether you're animal operation is small, you're a big business or a growing distributor, contacting us today will save you time and money. That's the Flax Farm commitment.

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