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Premium Animal Bedding

A dust free, economical, renewable resource. Absorbs odour, Cost effective,

Prairie Blend for Chickens

Custom blend for maximum odour control absorbancy and air quality. Long lasting

Give your animals the comfort and care they deserve with Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp blend

The natural, safe, and healthy choice for all your bedding needs.
Animal Bedding

Why Choose Prairie Blend?

Choose Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp blend for natural, eco-friendly, and highly absorbend bedding that outperforms the competition.

Animal Health

A dust-free bedding benefits horses with respiratory and skin disorders as well as overall health. “It has long been known that lower respiratory illness is common in horses, and this is typically attributed to the amount of dust in barns,” says Melissa R. Mazan, DVM, associate professor of clinical sciences at the Cumming School.

Eco-Friendly & Easily Disposable

A natural renewable source made from 100% natural straw provides a clean, non-dust environment for healthy animals. It also makes an excellent compost with a neutral PH, giving back to the soil instead of depleting it. “Prairie Blend” is naturally high in nitrogen and does not need to be composted. It can be spread immediately and used as an organic fertilizer.


It virtually eliminates all odour by absorbing 4x more than wood shavings and more per square meter than any other bedding.

Cost Effective

Less time and on average 50% LESS product is needed to maintain and clean a stall. There is minimal waste resulting in lower disposal cost, if any.

Usage: Use an average of 50% less bedding compared to wood products

Disposal: Because it contains Nitrogen, organic farm vineyards are happy to have it.

Labour: Reduces stall cleaning time by at least 50%


NO DUST! Substantially improves animal and human health. Ideal for people with Asthma and horses with heaves or hives.

History of "Prairie Blend"

“Prairie Blend” is a combination of Hemp and Canola, and other processed straws. “Prairie Blend” was born out of the reduced availability of raw material due to the 2021 drought in western Canada.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the best bedding product for your animals.
What are Prairie Bedding's Conola and Hemp bedding solutions made of?
Our bedding solutions are made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, including Canola and Hemp.
How do Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions benefit animal health?
Our bedding solutions are dust-free, making them ideal for animals with respiratory and skin disorders. They also provide a clean and comfortable living environment, which can improve animal health and productivity.
How do Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions compare to traditional bedding materials?
Our bedding solutions offer superior absorbency and lower waste compared to traditional materials. They are also an eco-friendly and sustainable option, making them a better choice for farmers who want to reduce their environmental impact.
How do I use Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions?
Our bedding solutions are easy to use. Simply spread the bedding evenly in your animal's living space, ensuring there is enough to absorb moisture and keep the area clean and dry.
Are Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions cost-effective?
Yes, our bedding solutions are more cost-effective than traditional materials. On average, you'll need 50% less bedding material compared to wood products, which means less waste and lower disposal costs.
How can I order Prairie Bedding's Canola and Hemp bedding solutions?
You can order our bedding solutions directly from our website. Simply visit the Bedding Products page and click the CTA button to place your order. If you have any questions, you can also contact us through the Contact Us page.
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I've been in the business for 20 years and this is the best product by far!

Kelly Williams
Farm Owner

Now my chicken house doesn't stink!! Thanks, Flax Farm!

Dan Thomas
Farm Owner
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