About Us

Flax Farm is a Canadian, family based business that provides the world's best animal bedding to animal lovers and farmers.

With the help of Mother Nature we’ve found a way to get you dust free, eco friendly, lightweight, odour absorbing bedding that works for horses, chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, etc. If your animal needs premium bedding at a fraction of the price and workload you’re used to, then Flax Farm is for you!


Flax is a plant grown primarily for its seeds.
​We were previously distributors of flax bedding to equine, poultry and dairy farms. We are involved in Quarter Horse Racing in Ontario and had our own breeding program. Due to the cold winters here in Canada, our foals would be born early in January and would develop a cough by the time they were turned out in the spring from the dust in our barns while using pine flakes and shavings. We knew there had to be a better way as these foals were bred to be performance and racehorses and we needed to give them every advantage that we possibly could.

Once we switched to Flax bedding, NOT ONE more foal had a spring cough.

We were so impressed that we started bedding only with this product and as the news spread in our horse community, we started distributing it. Since taking over the factory, we have made it our mission to educate and acquire customers across the U.S. and Canada. Not only is it a renewable resource, a fertilizer being high in nitrogen naturally, and great for the environment, it is also the product we use and will continue to use ourselves.

We are NOT a large multi-level company, instead, we focus on customer service and close interaction with our new and existing customers.