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Dust Free

Our proprietary blend removes all dust from our product. Ideal for horses with COPD and coughs.

Labour Saving

No Sifting! Super absorbent and its consistency reduces stall cleaning time by 75%. Falls through the fork.


Virtually eliminates all odour by absorbing 4x more than wood shavings. A bedding that is Super Absorbent!


Less time on average 50% LESS product is needed to maintain and clean a stall. Minimal waste resulting in lower disposal cost, if any.

who we are

Rooted in Canadian Values:
A Legacy of Exceptional Animal Bedding

Born from the heart of Canada, Flax Farm is more than just a business—it's a family legacy dedicated to the welfare of animals and the farmers who care for them.

Our journey began with a singular vision: to provide unparalleled animal bedding solutions that blend nature, science, and love for our four-legged friends. As a family-run business, we don't just sell bedding; we share a piece of our heritage, passion, and commitment with every bale.

When you choose Flax Farm, you're not only selecting the world's best bedding but also joining a community that values sustainability, innovation, and genuine care for animals.

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Our team of expert farmers

Darline Fisher

Founder of Harvest

Devon Smith

Founder of Harvest

Robert Miles

Founder of Harvest

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At Flax Farm, we pioneer a new standard in animal care, delivering top-quality, eco-friendly, dust free animal bedding solutions.

Whether you're an individual farmer, a team/business, or a distributor lets connect today!

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