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Flax bedding is widely used in Europe and Canada, but is only now being introduced to the US. So that I can make it available for my patients, I'm having Flax shipped in from Canada to the Southeastern Virginia area by the truckload every two weeks.

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Vet Review

As the owner of a horse with respiratory issues, I know the challenges of creating a healthy, dust free environment all too well. And as a veterinarian, I treat horses, pets and livestock with respiratory conditions every day. Allergies, pneumonia, asthma and viral upper respiratory infections are all exacerbated by environmental factors such as the materials used in stalls, crates and pens.

Flax bedding is non-allergenic and dust free. It is well-documented that stabled horses are continu- ously breathing in organic particles that generate both clinical and sub-clinical respiratory issues. The lungs of stalled horses produce 5 times more mucous to clear this dust than the lungs of horses main- tained outside. It is also very well documented that straw and shavings are full of allergens and organic dusts. I recommend flax bedding to improve their environment and support lung function.

Flax bedding is 58% more absorbent than conventional bedding materials like straw, pine shavings, pellets or sawdust. Because it absorbs so much more urine it is cost-efficient and produces less muck, which means less weight in your wheelbarrow and a smaller manure pile.

Flax is under an inch per fiber which means it sifts wonderfully easy, allowing more bedding to stay behind unsoiled.

Flax bedding does not burn, it only smolders, making it easier to deter and extinguish a potential barn fire. So go ahead and rest easy with the heat lamps in your chicken coop!

Flax bedding is environmentally friendly! Not only does it composte immediately - so you can go ahead and spread it on your fields on the same day you muck!! But it is a by-product of flax derived manufacturing (like seeds, linen and paper) reducing waste in the supply chain!

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