Flax Products


We offer our flax bedding in four different formats. 


  1. Flax Shive in Paper Bags

    • 40lbs each, 21 and 30 bags per pallet.

  2. Fiber Bales

    • 250lbs each, 6 and 8 bales per pallet. Very fibrous, contains minimal seeds and dust. Best used for poultry, pigs and cows. Also works great in outdoor sheds and pens.

  3. Bulk

    • Loose fiber or flax shive bedding available in 53 foot dry vans. (This is only available if you have a dock to unload).

  4. Seeds

    • 700lb tote bags of whole uncleaned flax seeds.



For truckload pricing, please contact us at: flaxfarmacy@outlook.com

The four different formats of Flax bedding. Clockwise from top left: paper bags, fiber bales, seeds, and bulk

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