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How much per week can I expect to use?

Based on a 12 x 12 ft stall, bare floor, average horse, these are the number of bags/bales on average that each type of bedding would require.

Flax Blend: .5 - .75 bags
Long Straw: 4 bales
Pine Flakes: 3 bags
Straw Shavings: 3 bags
Wood Shavings (Sawdust): 2.75 bags
Hemp: 1.25 bags


Will it harm my horse or animal?

We recommend your horse or animal have plenty of hay, their usual feed and water before putting them into a stall with new bedding of any kind. They will be less inclined to sample the bedding. If an animal or horse should try a few mouthfuls, because flax is of vegetable origin, there is no harm done. The flax blend does not hold any nutritional value so they sometime try it and then leave it for their normal feed, knowing it is of little benefit to them.

How does "Flax Blend" contribute to the new bio-economy that farmers are now adopting?

Straw that was once considered a detriment on the farm, is now leading the way to help farmers contribute this new bio-economy and implementing ‘Green’ farming.

Is flax blend suitable for other animals such as cows, poultry, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc?

Yes! Flax blend is suitable for animals, big and small, household or barnyard. Many people use our product for cat litter as it clumps and absorbs the strong urine smell.

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